Writing Again


I have been taking a backseat in a lot of activities due to personal struggle. I write, but I scrapped them or just never completing my thoughts and giving every piece of my collections any full effort. It goes against my own value, hence I didn’t post them here.

Sometimes while I was ready to give it all up, a tiny tiny voice would remind me to read, or write, be in a piece of paper, or a journal and I find my negative thoughts arguing with some other strength that wishes to be heard. It’s a lot of effort to battle a mentally negative mind. Suffering from hallucinations and depression doesn’t help, but my doctor and friends who was with me throughout my journey are still here, so I’ll be trying harder to push that little voice to be heard.

I wasn’t idle and have quite a lot in my notes (some just mental notes) that I wanted to share or question. Documenting them would be a struggle since it’s been awhile but I’m excited anyway. Aging up makes you have interest in a lot of issues surrounding you, something my younger self would be apathetic about.

– Aa.


Why I’m Loved


Yes. The affectionate l-o-v-e. This is not the love of a man and a woman or anything between two individuals.

I’m loved. By Allah S.W.T.

I got into an accident earlier. An hour or two ago. It’s my second accident. The last one was on January 2013 and it’s January 2014 now.
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Hermes’s Advice

I have been, for a very long time, thinking of why I should forgive my families, who wouldn’t even bother to listen to reasoning, or my well-being. I’m not going to be a damsel in distress saying that they totally abandon me. No, they did not. They fed me well. When they remember, they’ll celebrate my birthday however they wishes. Most of the time, it’s up to their mood, if they’re happy and remember, then maybe we’ll dine out and then I’ll be forced to listen to their arguments after that. Or, if they’re not happy but they remember, then the best they did was gave me a cold shoulder, in other words, in their own way, tried to ignore me (apparently this is for the best). Well, not much I can say if they don’t remember right?
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14 Signs You’re Dating An Introvert

“Their default level of scrutiny toward ANY plan you throw their way is always extremely high.” Totally me. Haha

Thought Catalog

1. You are the designated talking head of the relationship in social settings. You are the one who orders the appetizer, explains how you met, answers questions about the vacation you guys took, sets up plans, tells the server that the food is fine, and even tells his stories for him. Generally, you take care of all questions directed at both of you, and at least half of the questions directed at the introvert.

2. They never loudly embarrass you in public. A super-perk of dating an introvert: he never loses control and makes a big scene in front of a crowd of friends and strangers. Downside: half your friends’ first impression of him is that he didn’t like them, found them boring, judged them, and was laughing at inside jokes with himself all night. (Also see: #11 — “Sometimes you can’t tell if they’re upset with you.”)

3. “Fights”…

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Sleeping On Strangers On The Subway

Filmed by Saul Sudin: http://saulsudin.com
Starring Meir Kalmanson: http://about.me/meirkalmanson

Taken from: http://www.youtube.com/user/WeAreCharidy?feature=watch


Stumbled upon this video. It was posted by one of my friends in Facebook and well, as we all know, it appeared on my newsfeed.
I was really touched by it. Still the first thing that crossed my mind was, “If this were really going to happen, usually one would be wary of their belonging or welfare or anything”.
I mean, a total stranger? How would anyone be sure that this guy is not a thief, molester, or anything that might bring you harm?
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